Finding Peace Within The Very Chaos of Life

A six Week Course

‘Are You Struggling To Find Certainty In These Uncertain Times?

 Do You Wish To Become More Aware, Authentic And Real Within Your Day To Day Life?

Would You Like Some Practical Strategies To Support Your Everyday Living?’

This practical down to earth course brings together all that I do – Meditation, Counselling, Non-Dual Principles, Soul Plan Reading, Mindfulness and Life Coaching, alongside what I have learnt throughout my own life.

The six week process is one of slowing down and questioning where we are right now, what is really true?

From that place we drop down into our experience, uncovering and unravelling our limiting patterns and behaviours.
We realise what is begging to be included, what wants to change and what wants to happen now.

There is the recognition that the peace we have been searching for all along is found within the very immediacy of our everyday lives including the places that we try so hard to deny, avoid, fix and heal away.

I am excited to be your guide
David x

How does the course work?

There is a specific theme for each week, this will be the focus of the sessions and then it is up to you to implement that into your daily life with the support of myself and the group.

The Themes…

Week 1 – Starting Where You Are
We start to slow down and bring our attention and honesty to where we are right now.
Week 2 – Getting Really Clear
Building from week 1, moving into questioning our assumptions, ideas and beliefs and looking at what we truly value.
Week 3 – Tools and Techniques to Deal With Life
Learning how to be with our experience however wonderful or troubling that may be.
Week 4 – We Are Only Human
Going deeper into ‘Inner Child’ Work, Being with the Shadows, Opposites, Mapping and more…
Week 5 – All That Appears To Be Wrong Is a Gift
An exploration into our perception as we discover that life happens for us.
Week 6 – Change, Purpose and Wonder!
Stepping up, stepping forward, finding peace and freedom in our lives.

what is included?

Two Group Meetings Each Week

Mondays at 19.00 – 20.30 GMT
The format will be a talk, meditation and Q & A all based around the weeks theme.

Thursdays at 19.00 – 20.00 GMT
A Q & A session providing an opportunity to check in together and share our findings and ask questions that relate to the theme.

Both sessions will be recorded and made available to watch back.

Two Individual Sessions During The Six Weeks

An opportunity to receive individual guidance and support.

Each session lasts one hour.

Your choice of Counselling, Life Coaching, Mentoring, Mindfulness Meditation or Soul Plan Reading.

A Closed Facebook Group

A group that is available only to the course members for the duration of the course.

The videos from the group meetings will be posted and each day I shall add reminders and tips that relate to the specific theme for the week.

It is a place to engage, share, ask and receive support and encouragement as we move through the material together.


A one to one session of one hour to be booked up to three months after the course end date.

The Closed Facebook Group will be archived however the material will continue to be available to view.

An ongoing Closed Facebook Group where all that attend these courses can continue to share and support each other.

Each week I offer two ‘Being With What Is’ Meditation and Sharing Groups, you are welcome to join these at a reduced cost.

Join The Course

There are ten places available.
The course cost is £300 or £250 for the first three people to sign up.
Payment can be made via instalments or paid in full.
Accepted payment methods include PayPal and bank transfer.

To secure your place please pay a minimum £50 deposit via PayPal using the button below and complete the booking form.

If you would prefer to pay via another method please complete the booking form and I shall be in touch with further details.
Places without payment are held for seven days. 

On receiving your request to join the course I shall email further information.



I am hosting the following free interactive webinars providing an opportunity for us to meet, talk through the course and become familiar with its foundations.

Friday 25th September 11.00 – 12.00 GMT – Please register here
Thursday 8th October 10.00 – 11.00 GMT – Please register here
Tuesday 20th October 19.00 – 20.00 GMT – Please register here

The dates are…


Contact David Rees - Here To Live Life - Plymouth - Totnes - Newton Poppleford - Devon - Online


Telephone: 07487 554724

The Course Takes Place: Online via Zoom

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