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Supportive Life Coaching, Conscious Counselling, Person-Centred Therapy, Compassionate Listening, Satsang, Therapeutic Dyad are all terms that could describe what David offers under the umbrella of Life Coaching depending upon your needs.

Sessions for individuals and couples are available online via Skype or phone; over a period of time or as single sessions.

What Are Your Needs?

Personal Development / Life Coaching - Worthing - Online

Perhaps you sense there is something missing or more for your life and would like to explore this...

Conscious Counselling, Person-Centred Therapy, Compassionate Listening, Worthing, Online

Maybe you feel lost, stuck, held back or broken by an aspect of life - illness, loss, trauma, a behaviour, belief, fear, relationship and so on… and require a compassionate ear to listen and gently guide as you move through it.

Supportive Counselling / Therapy / Coaching

It could be you are about to embark on a new business or chapter of life and would like support as you step out of your comfort zone into the new and unknown.

Dyadic Therapy / Counselling / Personal Coaching Worthing, U.K.

Is there a pull to become the ‘real you’ and live more authentically from the heart?

Supportive Life Coaching / Counselling - Worthing, Online

Do you have a specific goal or aspiration such as writing a book, starting a business or implementing a healthier lifestyle? Big or small, all can be explored.

Life Coaching - Satsang - Worthing, West Sussex, Online

Maybe you have lots of ideas but don't know where or how to start...

How You Are Supported

David will meet you where you are at, hold you in a safe supportive non-judgemental space and together we’ll look, see, feel, unravel and discover. Sessions may involve dialogue, questioning and reframing.

He will invite you to enquire and explore into your experience and where appropriate question your thoughts, beliefs and anything that appears to be holding you back. He shall offer a second set of eyes perhaps with a different perspective; he’ll aim to support, guide, encourage and inspire you.

I don’t have the answers, you do! I'm here to help you find them

David’s approach is not about fixing, mending, getting or even healing, it is about inclusion and helping you discover what is obscuring the flow of your life and ultimately your peace. Upon realising the apparent blocks we naturally arrive where we are trying to get to.

Following from a session there may be an agreement to set actions with accountability and have contact between sessions or maybe not.

Life Coaching is available via Skype or phone.

The session cost is £60 per hour. Concessions are honoured.

Bespoke plans for a course of sessions are available.

A great place to start a path of Life Coaching is with a Soul Plan Reading. It shows where you are currently, offers direction as well as highlighting the potential challenges (life lessons), talents (abilities), goals and Soul Destiny (highest potential).

Happy People

“David has absolutely transformed my life in the short time we have known each other. I have come forward in many ways by releasing old beliefs that were holding me back and by balancing my physical energy. I fully recommend all the services he offers as they have been of great benefit to me.” – Caroline

“I would recommend anyone to go to David who’s facing difficulties overcoming the ups and downs of life. You’ll gain a deep insight about you!” – Siddharth

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Session Take Place: Online via Skype or phone.

Spiritual Life Coaching - Worthing - Sussex

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