A holistic counselling and life coaching session provides a safe supportive space to explore whatever is happening for you.

And find out whether what I offer matches what you are looking for and how we may work together.

Do You Require…

David Rees - Emotional Counselling - Plymouth - Devon - Online

Comfort and support dealing with uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, situations or sensations? Perhaps you are experiencing grief, physical pain, loss, trauma, illness, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, stress, exhaustion or other life challenges.

Do you require guidance with your spiritual life? - Devon - Online

Guidance with your spiritual life? Maybe you are wondering “How can I balance my human and spiritual sides?” You could be looking to make sense of ‘other worldly’ experiences that you have had? It could be that you are on the ‘seekers’ path of awakening or enlightenment. Perhaps you are just longing to speak with someone likeminded.

David Rees - Life Coach - Plymouth, Totnes, Sidmouth - Devon - Online

Coaching to bring your aspirations, goals and dreams to life? Could be writing a book, starting a business, implementing a healthier lifestyle or stepping up to make very practical changes in your life towards a brighter future… Big or small, all can be approached. We can agree and put a plan into place that includes accountability and also explore any blocks that may appear along the way.

David Rees - Wellbeing - Life Coaching - Plymouth - Devon - Online

Direction and stability as you stand at a crossroads not knowing which way to go?​

Holistic Counselling- Support - Life Coaching - David Rees - Plymouth - Devon - Online

Something else?

Do you require someone to listen and hear you? - David Rees - Plymouth - Devon - Online

Someone to listen and hear you?

My Approach to Counselling

The approach centres on bringing our awareness to life, to what is happening right now, really happening, both on the surface and underneath.

A session can work out in many ways depending where the person is currently at.

I am happy to listen; I can be a good listener…

I am happy to meet you in your sadness, your anger, your failure, your grief, your arrogance, jealousy, anxiety, pain, guilt, confusion, depression, shame, trauma and even your boredom… I know them all well.

It is about allowing these movements to be there as long as they require.
Here they are no longer supressed, avoided or healed away; they are met and included as friends and even your resistance and best attempts to escape them can be included too.
These are not mistakes but the doorway to our freedom…

The majority of our suffering is not actually about what is happening but our relationship to it. Simply put “I want this moment to be different to how it is, I want it to be a certain way, my way!”

This conflict between what is happening and how we want it to be is responsible for the majority of the discomfort we feel physically which includes the so called “challenging” thoughts, feelings, sensations and emotions.
At a certain point these movements are seen as indicators and gifts to help unravel the knots of our conditioning.

As we drop down a layer we can see that the aim is to come to peace within ourselves. In doing so this translates to peace with others and the world.

I have no fancy technique, magic wand or SUPER POWER to get you to peace because peace is not a destination.

The idea of “I’ll be happy, at peace when… such and such happens or when I am ready” is seen as one of the very obstacles to peace.
We can replace the word peace with happiness, contentment, joy, love, ease… whichever fits.

What I offer is a safe, supportive, gentle, loving space and a mirror so we can explore together the ways, ideas, concepts, beliefs and behaviours that are keeping you away from the peace that is already here.

A reverse path if you like…

Through a combination of dialogue, feeling and questioning our carefully constructed prison starts to disassemble and we become freer, happier, more functional, dynamic, present and response able in our daily lives.

Available in Plymouth, Totnes and Newton Poppleford – Sidmouth, Devon, U.K., alternatively via Skype, Zoom or phone.

The individual session cost is £50 per hour.
A course of 4 sessions is £190.

For couples an individual session cost is £65 or £250 for a course of 4.

Courses of 4 sessions are valid for a three month period from the start date.

A great place to start a course of sessions is with a Soul Plan Reading. It shows where you are currently, offers direction as well as highlighting the potential challenges (life lessons), talents (abilities), goals and Soul Destiny (core essence).

Happy People

“David has absolutely transformed my life in the short time we have known each other. I have come forward in many ways by releasing old beliefs that were holding me back and by balancing my physical energy. I fully recommend all the services he offers as they have been of great benefit to me.” – Caroline

“I would recommend anyone to go to David who’s facing difficulties overcoming the ups and downs of life. You’ll gain a deep insight about you!” – Siddharth

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Email: david@heretolivelife.com

Telephone: 07487 554724

Sessions Take Place: In Plymouth, Totnes and Newton Poppleford – Sidmouth, Devon, U.K., alternatively via Skype, Zoom or phone.

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