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What Is Soul Plan?

Have You Ever Wondered How Your Name May Be Linked with the Experiences in Your Life?

Would You Like to Understand Yourself, Your Life and Your Purpose More Fully?

Are You a Curious Soul on a Journey of Self-Enquiry?

During this interactive talk I shall explain all about Soul Plan including…

  • Its history and background.
  • We’ll take a look at Michael Jackson's chart.
  • Talk about names.
  • Discuss the various Readings for Individuals, Name Changes, Relationships, Business and Baby Naming.
  • Discover why people come for Readings?
  • Find out what happens at a session.
  • And also on Certified Practitioner Training Courses.
  • Plus... there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions too.
Soul Plan Explained... What's In A Name? - South West, U.K. - Online

Soul Plan is a powerful and accurate system of life / soul analysis with its foundation based on the birth name. If we acknowledge that letters, words have an energy and vibration then we can see that our name may indeed affect our life’s journey.

From a Soul Plan view as these sounds ripple out they create the individual human identity and with that the potential challenges (life lessons), talents (abilities), goals and Soul Destiny (core essence) – THE SOUL’S PLAN!

Having a Soul Plan Reading gives you an explanation of your life to date and shows your highest potential.

It may help in understanding yourself and your life in greater depth and provide an opportunity to see and explore any blocks or limitations.

 There are many layers to Soul Plan; As well as being a guiding tool for living this life to the full it can be a significant catalyst in realising our true nature.

Finding Peace Within The Very Chaos Of Life

It is only when we cease trying to get to peace do we discover that it is already here now, it always was and always will be even amongst the very chaos of life.

This talk includes an opportunity for practical exploration through enquiry and guided meditation as we move towards that part of ourselves that remains undisturbed regardless of what is happening. Some call it presence, awareness, being, consciousness, the self, no self, the witness, the natural state…

As we become familiar with this space it then provides a stable foundation of balance and calm to support us within our everyday lives which proves an invaluable resource as we approach, manage, befriend and include uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and life situations.

Diary of Spiritual Talks

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SP – What is Soul Plan?
FP – Finding Peace Within The Very Chaos Of Life



SP – Tuesday 4th 19.00 – 20.30 GMT – Online – Please register here


TBC – Saturday 5th – Newton Abbot Wellbeing Show – time TBC

SP – Saturday 19th 10.00 – 11.30 GMT – Online – Please register here

SP – Monday 21st 19.00 at Crewkerne Awareness, Unitarian Chapel, Hermitage Street, Crewkerne. For more information please email Anastasia.

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