David Rees

Meditation & Inner Work

Finding peace through meditation as we move towards embracing ourselves as we are and life as it is.

Who Am I And What Do I Do?

Hi, I’m David…

I support people to find peace within themselves and their lives by inviting them to gently explore those parts that are not at peace.

We learn to be with it all… the bliss and the despair, the laughter and the tears. We learn to be OK with not being OK and so the polarity and duality of life starts to lose its hypnotic power and collapses; what remains is freedom.

What Clients Say…

I've been meditating on and off for about 40 years using visualisation techniques and even though I've had some truly amazing experiences I've come to realise these techniques required 'striving' and 'trying' to achieve an altered state and to use my mind, through thoughts, to do so. Using his wisdom, gentle teachings and guidance David has taught me how to experience life and all of its beautiful lessons to the full with grace and gratitude and to 'meet' the true me. Thank you, thank you David x

The work I did with David was a profound and liberating experience that helped me “real-eyes” where I was still holding on. I started to release my insecurities and fears as I felt in a safe and comfortable space that allowed everything that needed to surface to flow. David is a caring and gentle person, who puts his whole being into the process. I can highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to go in depth within. Thank you David.

Beyond words... An elevating, peaceful and beautiful experience. Each time I come I heal more, release trauma and become happier, stronger and more confident. Thank you so much.

I recommend anybody who wants to understand themselves and why they are the way they are to sit with David.

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