A Meditation For Today

As you sit in meditation today give up trying to get to peace and instead recognise that trying to get to peace is disturbing the inherent peace that is already present.

The peace that you are striving towards is not peace at all, but an idea of peace.

Corny as it may sound, peace is your essential true nature.
The idea that peace is a destination, a goal or something to get keeps you busy and far from peace.
It is already here,
You are it!

It is not even a question of ‘looking in’ rather than ‘looking out’; it is the ceasing of all effort.
Of course you may make ‘the ceasing of all effort’ into a goal, a procedure and a practice too, wondering ‘And how do I do that?’
Simply notice the knots and let them untie…

The end point is the beginning and the beginning the end, for there is and never was any distance between you and peace.

So slow down, soften and let yourself sink and disappear into its depth, mystery and beauty.

For this meditation… give up the trying,
You have arrived already.
There is nothing to get here,
Nowhere else to go,
Be here now,
Where else can you be? 😉

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