About David

My Life

At age 49 I have already lived a very full life, colourful and rich with experience and learning yet as I wake each day I get a sense that I am only just beginning!

The experiences in my childhood brought to life a curiosity to question everything and a somewhat odd joy and excitement of looking very deeply into myself.

My own life soon became the focal point for life-long study.

I’ve had many challenges, the most prominent being… a sense of not belonging yet desperately trying to, experiencing loss and physical pain to reach a point of not wanting to live.

I feel it is my own life journey of finding peace through those most difficult of times that enables me to support and help others the most.

David Rees - Spiritual / Life Teacher - Speaker - Writer - Devon U.K.

Training And Development

I have trained extensively in the therapeutic world starting over 20 years ago, studying both Eastern and Western traditions.

For a number of years I would spend extended periods of time in contemplation in India and Nepal, sometimes with world renowned teachers and the Buddha’s of our times and on other occasions on intensive meditation retreats.

Although I come with many qualifications including Meditation, Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy, life has and continues to be my greatest teacher.

My outlook is one where Meditation meets life, describing Meditation as bringing awareness to ourselves and our experience in a kind and curious way. This approach has and continues to be the foundation for my life, providing deeper self-understanding and a way to deal with the ups and downs of life; this is also the basis of my work.


For the last eight years I have been working with individuals, running groups, courses and retreats in the U.K., India, Nepal and Thailand, as well as online.

I am a teacher and mentor for the Holistic Healing College in London teaching the Mindfulness and Meditation, Energy Psychology and Soul Plan modules on their Spiritual Counselling and Life Coaching diploma courses.

You can listen to my Vipassana meditation on ‘Insight Timer’, the world’s largest meditation app.

As a writer, I have written for Health of India magazine, been featured in ETC Magazine and am currently working on my first book; a collection of poems and writing about Life, Love, Spirituality, Meditation, Pain, Suffering, Acceptance, Awakening and all the good stuff… based on my own life experience.

“In David I have found a calm reassuring guide who encourages you to find your own way in peace and acceptance” – Sue

“He has a magical aura about him which brings instant calm and trust, a gentle soul who oozes wisdom” – Helen

“I highly recommend David if you are looking for an authentic Practitioner/Teacher” – Jo