Always Here

I have always been here even when I was convinced I was there.
I travelled to far-away lands my eyes transfixed on there but I was always here.
In fact I have never been anywhere but here, nor can I be!

I looked up, down, sideways, searched outside myself, inside myself but I was always here.
I went to the Gurus of the East, visited beautiful temples, took part in the ancient ceremonies and rituals to discover, I was always here.
I danced until the sun came up and I was nowhere else but here.

I sat in solitude for what seemed like decades and spent endless hours on meditation cushions just to realise, I was always here.
I walked around the mountains and even to their tops to find, I was always here.
When my world fell apart, I was nowhere else but here.

I visited the Holy places and swam in their waters and I was always… just here.
I practised the healing techniques in the West which showed me, I was always here.
Even when I didn’t want to be here, I could be nowhere else but here.

Now I know there is nowhere else to go, for no matter where I go, I am always here!

I am happy and content just being here, what a relief!

Call off the search for I found myself, in fact I now recognise… I was never lost.

I was and always will be here and here is more than enough.

Here is all there is…

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