Our Relationship With Pain

Our Relationship With Pain Pain Pain Go Away, Come Again Another Day,‘But I’m Here Now!’ So often this is the way that we relate to and treat our pain. We want it GONE!We want it to be how it was before,How we think it should be,We want it to be different,And so we negate and […]

It’s OK

A lady sat on a swing watching a sunset - It's OK

It’s OK… IT’S OK… To have no idea what will happen next.To not know what to do today or on any day.To not have ‘All The Answers’.To let the mind’s guessing retreat.To simply not know. IT’S OK… To abandon the ‘To Do List’.To stop trying, grasping, forcing, pushing and doing.To let yourself feel… nervous, unsettled, […]

Final Destination

A man on a mountain with arms outstretched reaching his final destination just here

This is about the journey back home to yourself. It is a reflection depicting that wherever you go, whatever happens you are always eternally here and the searching ends…

Don’t Forget To Grieve

A heart shaped tree with a beautiful sky

Life moves and changes don’t forget to grieve as these endings occur but don’t get stuck here because life lives on.
A writing by David Rees.

The Search For Peace

A street sign with an arrow and a heart indicating this way for peace

A humorous piece about the mechanism of seeking as we search for that elusive eternal peace.

I Love You As You Are

Lots of little hearts on a marble background

‘I Love you As You Are’ was written shortly after my mother passed. It could equally be called ‘A Mother’s Love’ or even ‘God’s Love’. It is a writing about unconditional love, the kind that encompasses every expression.