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Areas Of Expertise

Discover healthy ways to deal with sadness, anxiety, overwhelm, frustration, anger or whatever emotion you are experiencing.

Together we’ll gently navigate the journey of bereavement and loss moving at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Delivering clarity, understanding and resolve to a current or past relationship utilising the wisdom of attachment theory.

Providing relief through various practical tools and techniques designed to help manage and live with physical pain.

Bringing insight and healing to those repetitive behaviours and patterns that stem back to childhood, often referred to as our core wounds.

Offering support and guidance along the non-dual path of awakening to realise our enlightened true nature.

If you would like to find out more or perhaps there is something else that you would like to look into please get in touch and we can arrange a free introductory chat to see if my way of working could help and work for you.


Paradoxically when we stop ‘trying’ to fix, heal or force a solution naturally healing and transformation occurs.

I combine a Western psychotherapeutic approach with the Eastern understanding that the power of non-judgmental awareness, mindful attention, kindness and gentle curiosity is transformative.

Together we’ll embark on a journey of self-discovery by slowing down and paying attention to what is here in the present moment, leaving our judgments, interpretations and ideas behind and allowing whatever wants to arise in the body and mind to do so.

Through listening, dialogue, questioning and feeling we’ll approach, welcome in and explore what is actually happening from a place of presence or being, all the time staying deeply connected to our innermost resource and reference point.

This grounded, mindful, open hearted approach creates a safe, compassionate space where we can meet our thoughts, feelings and life difficulties.

As greater space and freedom around our issues emerges the knots naturally untie bringing understanding, acceptance, new realisations, wisdom and healing.


What Clients Say

“I was searching for a solution to make positive changes to my complex family life; I struggled to communicate with my husband therefore we sought counselling. One of our challenges was making time for our relationship and communication. David asked questions that challenged my opinions and thoughts in a positive way. I now find life less of a struggle and I’m pleased to say my husband and I are making improvements every day. Thank you David, I now see life as a rapid river – if you lay back and just let life take you there it all works out in the end, if you swim against it it’s exhausting and pretty pointless because you still end up in the same place just shattered”. – Kerry

“David is a very special person and I feel truly blessed to have met him. There is a fine line with any therapy, between support and becoming the only answer for someone. However, David is fantastic at holding a loving space while allowing you to come to the insights yourself. I’m 45 and have been ‘awake’ for over 30 years exploring many different therapies and studying several healing modalities. Although every one of them was relevant at the time, what David offers is so much more and I feel a different person leaving than when I arrived! He listens without judgement and gently guides you through the beliefs that have created your life so far, unpicking them so you can see the truth. It’s hard to put into actual words, but it feels like home when I work with David”. – Lisa

“Working with David has absolutely transformed my life. I have come forward in many ways by releasing old beliefs that were holding me back and by balancing my physical energy”. – Caroline

Work With Me

Each 1 hour session costs £50
Blocks of 4 sessions cost £190
To get started a free introductory telephone call is available.

Sessions take place in Plymouth, Devon or Online.

Accepted payment methods include PayPal, Cash and Bank Transfer.

On receiving your request I shall be in contact via email to arrange our session(s).