Emotional Wellbeing Courses

Including Inner Child Healing

Two hearts leaning towards each other signifying making friends with our emotions.

A comprehensive and in-depth course that descends below the surface and invites you to gently bring awareness to yourself and your emotional landscape.


In a closed group setting join me for this grounded, practical and interactive six week course focusing on your emotional wellbeing.


Tuesdays 19.00 – 20.30 GMT. Online via Zoom.
The next course starts on 27th June and costs £80.

About The Course

‘Making Friends With Our Emotions and Ourselves’ is a six week emotional wellbeing course where special focus is given to the familiar, long held, core, emotional responses, patterns, behaviours and roles that we play; those that are conditioned and automatic affecting our relationship with ourselves, others and life itself.

Weeks one to three lay the ground work providing many tools, techniques and ways to feel and befriend emotions in a safe, healthy way.

With the foundations firmly in place weeks four to six delve deeper into uncovering and unravelling some of our long held repetitive patterns that stem back to childhood.

Together with kindness and curiosity we’ll shine a light on all of the hidden places that keep us away from meeting and finding the peace, acceptance and resolution that is so wanted.

The course content comes from a range of therapeutic methods and models including Mindfulness, Non-Duality and Parts Work as well as from my own lived experience and understanding gained through supporting clients for the last ten years.

The approach is not about fixing, annihilating or transcending but becoming aware of what we are unaware of and then welcoming in what we find including the various parts and aspects of ourselves.

The course principles can be applied to anything that challenges us, whether that is physical pain, intrusive thoughts or life situations.

If you are a counsellor, therapist or healer you’ll discover some new techniques and ways to assist your clients.

What’s Included?

week by week


Week 1

Course Foundations And How To Get Closer To Our Emotions

We’ll lay down some founding principles for the course and bring awareness to the ways that we keep our emotions at bay.


Week 2

Looking At Our Relationship With Emotions

This session will focus on our relationship to particular emotions and emotions in general and also provide some simple, grounded ways to peacefully approach them.

Week 3

Getting Intimate And Making Friends

The next step in our process is welcoming back home and merging with these tender, often misunderstood parts of ourselves. Various perceptions and body sensing techniques will be offered.


Week 4

Working With The Inner Child And The Characters We’ve assumed

So many of our challenging emotions and behaviours are familiar to us and lead back to an earlier time in our lives. In this session we’ll discover how to unravel these knots, heal these patterns and give the child what they always wanted.

Week 5

An Exploration Of Opposites

We live in a dualistic world but what happens when we loosen our fixed hold on just one side of the story and welcome both sides in? Both good and bad, right and wrong, sadness and happiness? The entire range and vast spectrum of life?

Week 6

Pulling It All Together

We’ll join up the dots and tie up any loose ends as we recap, discuss and explore how all of this comes to life.

What Clients Say

“The exercises stretched me in some unexpected directions which I found to be powerful and useful” – Joe

“I very much enjoyed the comprehensive and holistic nature of the content of this course, as I have been aware of some of the concepts in the course for many years (working with the body in Yoga and the concept of the inner child) but this course integrated them for me and got me to see how they can all be interlinked and implemented together, to provide an effective process of welcoming and integrating emotions” – Nick

“I can thoroughly recommend David’s ‘Making Friends With Our Emotions Course’. It provided me with a safe place to become more aware of my emotional triggers, patterns and coping strategies which helped me get more in touch with my inner child in a very gentle, nurturing way” – Norma

The next course starts on 27th June.
Tuesdays 19.00 – 20.30 GMT Online via Zoom.

If you would like to get a taste for the course an introductory workshop is available.