Conscious Parking

Sometimes we don’t have the time, space, energy or resources to give our emotions the love and attention that they deserve and are calling for, or what we would like to give them.

Who’s Behind The Frontman?

It is only by staying with that initial emotional response and bringing some curiosity and kind questioning to it do we discover what is REALLY underneath.

Tuning The Compass

The way to get close to the emotion is to notice the ways you are avoiding, denying and suppressing it, these are useful signals that help steer our navigation.

It’s All About Relationship!

Take a moment, breathe, slow down and notice ‘What Is Your Relationship To It?’ Are you treating it as something separate, the enemy, THE MONSTER, the thing that has gone wrong like it shouldn’t be there?

Meet Jane

To know what Jane is all about, to understand her and perhaps make friends with her, you are going to have to meet Jane and probably more than once. The same is true with our emotions…