Conscious Parking

Sometimes we don’t have the time, space, energy or resources to give our emotions the love and attention that they deserve and are calling for, or what we would like to give them.

We may be at work, busy with the children, about to go into a meeting or running around just getting through life.


Sometimes a situation or emotion may just feel like it is too much and too big to look at right now.

Hey, life happens and WE ARE HUMAN.

In those situations perhaps CONSCIOUS PARKING can be used…

Instead of blindly reaching for a coping mechanism or behaviour and putting additional tension and stress on your nervous system slow down and acknowledge that there is emotion present, that there is a feeling that is reaching out to you.

Let yourself feel the body if just for a moment and rather than pushing the emotion away say “hey, I know you are here, I can feel you, I wish I could be with you right now but I can’t. I would really like to catch up with you later and have a proper catch up then”.

And then… when you do have the time, space and energy sit down with them in your own unique way, perhaps over a cuppa or maybe with a pen and paper in hand or in meditation just sitting and being with them.

I feel to mention… it is important to catch up with them, if you keep consciously parking you’ll end up with a traffic jam!!!

I offer credit to Andy Bradley, an entrepreneurial advocate for compassion, colleague and friend. It was some years ago that we first had a discussion and Andy brought this idea of Conscious Parking into my orbit.

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