It’s All About Relationship!

Something happens and there is a response either in the mind, body or nervous system and so the emotion is present, it is what is happening.

Most importantly there is your relationship to it.
You are here and so is the emotion.

Take a moment, breathe, slow down and notice ‘What Is Your Relationship To It?’

Do you go to war with it, try to annihilate it, deny it, suppress it, avoid it, pretend it doesn’t exist, spiritualise it away?

Are you treating it as something separate, the enemy, THE MONSTER, the thing that has gone wrong like it shouldn’t be there?



Do you in your own time, gradually, gently acknowledge it, soften around it, move towards it, meet it and give it your kind, curious attention for as long as is required or for as long as is possible for you?

Are you recognising it as a tender part of yourself calling for your love and attention which may also hold great insight, wisdom and healing within it?

Most of our suffering is not the thing itself but our relationship to it, our ideas, thoughts, judgements, tales and stories about it.

Your reaction and response determines your peace or your pain.

Would You Like To Explore Emotions Further?

Making Friends With Our Emotions


Discover various simple tools, techniques and strategies to help deal with and make friends with emotions in a safe, gentle, healthy way.

6 Week Course

A practical, hands-on, experiential course complete with videos, audio recordings and a work book.

One To One Inner Work Sessions

Specialising in difficult emotions, inner child healing, relationships, physical pain, living an embodied authentic life and awakening to our true nature.

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