Meet Jane

To know what Jane is all about, to understand her and perhaps make friends with her, you are going to have to meet Jane and probably more than once.

The more you meet the deeper the relationship and connection will be, you’ll get to know her tendencies, her likes, her dislikes and what really makes her tick.

If you keep putting her off, dodging and swerving her you’ll never get to know Jane.

The same is true with our emotions…
As we meet them there is discovery, unravelling, healing, freedom and peace.

Simple as it may seem… the first part of our journey is noticing how we attempt to keep our emotions at bay and distance ourselves from meeting them.

Would You Like To Explore Emotions Further?

Making Friends With Our Emotions


Discover various simple tools, techniques and strategies to help deal with and make friends with emotions in a safe, gentle, healthy way.

6 Week Course

A practical, hands-on, experiential course complete with videos, audio recordings and a work book.

One To One Inner Work Sessions

Specialising in difficult emotions, inner child healing, relationships, physical pain, living an embodied authentic life and awakening to our true nature.

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