Who’s Behind The Frontman?

So often the initial primary emotion is not what it is REALLY about…

The first layer that appears may be a reactive or defensive one.

It is only by staying with that initial emotional response and bringing some curiosity and kind questioning to it do we discover what is REALLY underneath.

Here is an example from my life…

Anger appeared; I could feel the heat and raw aliveness pulsing through my whole body ready to rip and roar through the entirety of life and create HELL ON EARTH!!!

As I stayed with it feeling the discomfort in the body there didn’t seem like there was any movement, it felt stuck and wasn’t going anywhere.

Gradually… some curiosity arose, ‘This is interesting… what is this REALLY about?’

Sadness began to surface (I’ve found that anger and sadness are like brother and sister, closely related).
The physical movements in my body started to shift and soften.
I didn’t understand what the sadness was about… until I did!

What was discovered underneath all of it was helplessness.
I was angry and sad because I felt helpless.
Understanding and insight about the initial situation arose and the body was positively flooded as the emotions released.
My healing was found by honouring and fully feeling the helplessness.

From that new point of understanding I was able to take effective action from a clear and response-able place.


My tip for today is not to rush to any conclusions about the initial presenting emotion that appears. Slow down and allow some curiosity to penetrate your enquiry and let it take you where it needs to.

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