Final Destination

We spend all our resources, our time, energy, money trying to get to some final destination. An end point, a time in the future where we can finally put our feet up and go ‘Yes, I have arrived, this is it, the moment I have been waiting for’.

But… is it true?

Is there a final destination or will there always be the promise of a better moment with more to get, more to learn, more to achieve, more to realise, more to do, more, simply more…?

Is there really a final destination?
What does it look like?
Feel like?

Perhaps we are so busy rushing to get to this final point in the future that we miss what is actually here now, and before we come up for air years have passed.
We realise only then that the idea of a final destination was just that.
Just an idea, it isn’t real; it never existed and was always just our imagination.

This idea of such a point in time is a game of the mind, of the ego, a way for it to keep control and you hidden safely away from reality.

We are taught from an early age and believe that we have to get to this imaginary destination, a destination that promises fulfilment, happiness, acceptance, love, freedom and all that dreams and fairy tales are made of.

Ideas of enlightenment, self-realisation re-enforces the concept further, becoming yet another goal to achieve keeping us always at arm’s length away, but… it’s just another destination.

There will always be a next destination therefore we never actually arrive.

It’s all lies for ‘here’ is your home, where everything is readily available ‘here’ now; it is your true nature.

For it is a lie that there is something, anything to get…
The lie that keeps you so busy trying to get to IT!!!

Even trying to get to ‘here’ is a trap too!

There is nowhere other than ‘here’, if there was a ‘there’ then when you arrive it will be ‘here’ anyway!

Give up playing the game, drop out, give up your jersey,
Stop the madness!

The only destination is ‘here’ now and you’ve always been ‘here’, RIGHT NOW! Don’t be fooled.

‘Here’ cannot be marked as final for it is endless, timeless, yet you have already arrived.

Let yourself fall curiously into now for that is the only destination, it is unfathomable and without end, there is no other.

This is it, YES!

How great is that?

Enjoy its beauty, its depth, its destruction for that is all there is.

Slow down, notice the tension held in the body from the continuous go, go, go, for what?

Really… for what?

Allow the body to unwind, the shoulders, the chest, the hips, the spine, let them open,
Every time movement reaches out to get… to grab…
Notice, pause, soften and breathe,
Feel the subtleties.

Even our self-development and self-care projects can be part of the trajectory of achieving.

Let the long held contractions untangle,
It’s so refreshing, nourishing and healing to let the body become heavy.
Let exhaustion have its moment unhindered. You see how exhaustion is really your friend, finally you listen.
No force today,
This is the opposite of trying,
The reverse of doing.

Let more and more of you fall back into yourself,
Any movement is inwards and by no-one,
Deeper and deeper into yourself.

Let the breath slow down, deepen.
This is relaxation, the opposite of trying to relax.
Let the locomotion of cascading thoughts slow down and come to a stop at the station.

And stay without trying to stay,
Just notice when the movement is away, outwards and looks to once again chase the dream… and remember there is no need to follow,
There is no reason to leave home.

You see now there is no final destination, in fact no destination, no end point, you are ‘here’, always were, always will be…


David Rees
From Finding Peace In The Very Heart Of Life

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