Finding Peace…

Group Meditation Sessions

In these sessions there’s no fixing or healing, no complicated or fancy techniques, no transcending or trying to get to some other place than where you are.

We meet every Wednesday at 19.00 GMT online via Zoom where I offer a 30 minute guided meditation that is simple, grounded, digestible and practical.

The foundations are that of non-duality, Buddhism and mindfulness, discovering the stillness, peace and beauty that is already here.

It is not just a meditation session the very principles can be applied to your everyday life and may indeed change your entire life!

At 19.30 you are welcome to leave or you can stay and share, discuss, question and explore through dialogue until 20.00.

Join Us

Each session costs £5.
Alternatively you can buy 5 sessions for £20 – to be used within 10 weeks of purchase.

Accepted payment methods include PayPal and bank transfer.

On receiving your request I shall email further information.

We learn to be with it all – the bliss and the despair, the laughter and the tears, we learn to be OK with not being OK and so the polarity and duality of life starts to lose its hypnotic power and collapses, what remains is freedom…

Who Is This Group For?

Those who are ready to take responsibility, face themselves and do the inner work, usually because life has become too painful and there is a hunger and seeking for another way.

It could be you are in need of some calm or relief from stress, anxiety, overwhelm… or maybe you are a spiritual seeker thirsty for awakening and enlightenment… or perhaps anywhere in-between.

All are very welcome; whether you are totally new or have been on this journey for decades.
The sessions are designed to offer support, guidance and encouragement as you explore and befriend your own experience.

Happy People

“I’ve been meditating on and off for about 40 years using visualisation techniques and even though I’ve had some truly amazing experiences I’ve come to realise these techniques required ‘striving’ and ‘trying’ to achieve an altered state and to use my my mind, through thoughts, to do so. Using his wisdom, gentle teachings and guidance David has taught me how to experience life and all of its beautiful lessons to the full with grace and gratitude and to ‘meet’ the true me. Thank you David.” – Lyn

“I have been attending David’s Meditation group for the past several weeks and love the way he guides us all into a very relaxed state of being. He has a very natural way of knowing the right things to say and is very supportive if anyone needs to chat more after the meditation. I highly recommend his service to anyone who cares to go to deeper levels within themselves for self development using his meditation group or having a soul plan reading.” – Rose

One to One Mindfulness and Meditation Sessions

Whether you are looking to learn how to meditate; are a very experienced meditator or somewhere in-between I offer one to one sessions tailored specifically to your needs and requirements.

Meditation styles include Mindfulness, Vipassana, Non-Dual, Walking, Mantra and Self-Inquiry.

Book a Mindfulness Meditation Session

A 30 minute session costs £25.
A 1 hour session costs £40.

Alternatively you can buy a block of 5 sessions which are to be used within 8 weeks of purchase.
5 x 30 minute sessions for £110.
5 x 1 hour sessions for £175.

Accepted payment methods include PayPal and bank transfer.

On receiving your request I shall be in contact via email with the next steps.



Telephone: 07487 554724

Sessions Take Place: Online via Zoom or Skype, alternatively in Plymouth, Devon, U.K.

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