and Deeper Conversations

Groups In Plymouth and Online

A group meditating together in Plymouth, some sat on chairs, others on cushions


We take a pause from reaching for the next thing, slow down and gently turn towards ourselves and our experience with a kind curiosity.

In doing so we realise the potential to welcome in and embrace everything just as it is; comfortable or uncomfortable, our tender parts and our shadows, along the way lovingly questioning our assumptions and beliefs and taking a peek into places we may have not looked before.

There’s no fixing or healing, no complicated or fancy techniques, no transcending or trying to get to some other place than where you are!

As we enter into the sacred heart of Eastern meditation, non-duality, self-enquiry and mindfulness we get to taste the stillness, peace, beauty and freedom that is always and already.

There is much talk of oneness, consciousness, presence, enlightenment, awakening, our true nature, the present moment, being with what is… but what does all that really mean and look like beyond the ideas and concepts?
These are some of the themes for our shared exploration.

The real deeper conversation is the one with ourselves…

Meditation, contemplation, presented talks and dialogue are the vehicles as we explore the deeper aspects of ourselves, life and the very nature of reality.

Where And When?

Yoga pose

In Plymouth

Mondays 6.30 – 7.30 pm at Care Nest, Light Studios, 10 Sawrey Street, Plymouth PL1 3LA, U.K.

Chairs are available to sit on, if you wish to sit on the floor please bring along a suitable cushion and if required a yoga mat.

The space is positioned up a flight of stairs and is without wheelchair access.


4 sessions (to be used within 12 weeks) – £25
Individual sessions – £7

Light Studios residents receive a 10% discount, please contact David for the details.

At Care Nest our aim is to make these classes accessible for all. If cost happens to be a prohibiting factor please contact David who is on hand to enable a solution.


Monthly on the 1st Wednesday of each month via Zoom.


Individual sessions – £7

What Clients Say

“I highly recommend David’s Here to Live Life weekly online meditations. I really look forward to the sessions, as a chance to slow down, be in the moment and take time for myself. I appreciate the way David guides the meditations, but isn’t prescriptive (the perfect balance between not enough guidance and too much) and I like his friendly and calming manner. It’s very soothing! After the group meditations I feel relaxed, or energised, or both! I’ve been attending regularly for several months now, and I think it has improved my outlook on life – I find I have more ‘perspective’ than I did before I joined the group. Thank you, David!” – April

“I have been to many of David’s meditations and I found them to be refreshingly different from other meditations I have done before. He is extremely good at helping you to focus on all the different parts of you, so that you become very aware of what is really going on within yourself on all levels. I went through a very healing time for several months with David’s meditations and made peace with many things from my past. He has such a relaxing voice which helps you to completely switch off and immerse yourself in complete relaxation. I highly recommend him 🙂” – Rose

“David presents the non-dual teachings of his meditation classes in both a masterful and accessible manner. He creates a welcoming and supportive space to hold the questions that arise from these teachings and is able to offer deep insight from his own personal experience. I have also found meditation to be more accessible under David’s guidance and would highly recommend his classes 🙂” – Nick


Those who are sincere and keen to engage in this practise of meditation as a form of inner inner work.

You may be an inner-explorer, a ponderer of life, a seeker of truth or a soul curious about the nature of reality and who you really are…

Perhaps you are looking to find peace within difficult thoughts, emotions or life situations.

It could be you are already on the self-development path and would like to cultivate more inner peace or become more present and aware.

It matters not whether you are new to meditation, a very experienced meditator or somewhere in-between all are most welcome.

A man and a woman sat meditating

The Benefits Of Meditating In A Group