Meditation is the practise of bringing awareness to and being with ourselves and our experience in a kind and curious way.

It provides an opportunity to pause, slow down and come out of the habitual thinking mind and continuous go, go, go of life and get in touch with reality and the aliveness of the moment.

Some meditate to improve or maintain their Mental Health and Wellbeing and others for Personal or Spiritual Development and some just for Fun!

I teach meditations for beginners through to experienced meditators that are simple, grounded and practical with principles that can be easily applied to everyday life.

To categorise the type of Meditation I teach is Presence based Mindfulness, Self-Enquiry or Non-Dual (the spirituality of the East).

‘I live much more in the moment, let things bother me less, smile more often & see things more clearly’ – Kit

The Benefits Of Meditation

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