One To One   Meditation Classes

A Woman Meditating Facing The Sun | Plymouth, Devon | Online

Individual classes in Plymouth and online tailored specifically for you.

A Woman Meditating Facing The Sun | Plymouth, Devon | Online

Would you like to learn how to meditate?

Whatever your reason...

whether it is for your emotional wellbeing, mental health, spiritual growth or personal development

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if you are new to meditation, a very experienced meditator or somewhere in-between

I offer individual one to one Meditation classes in Plymouth and online tailored specifically to your needs and requirements.

About The Sessions

About The Sessions

All the meditations are simple, grounded and practical with principles that can easily be applied to everyday life.

They may include sitting, walking, movement or dance meditation.

I shall guide you, answer your questions, offer variations and help you explore and make sense of your experiences.

To categorise the type of Meditation I teach is Mindfulness, Self-Enquiry or Non-Dual (the spirituality of the East).

I describe it as bringing awareness and attention to ourselves and our experience in a kind and curious way.

“David is an incredibly empathic and warm person who is able to convey this through his teaching.
I had a block booking of 5 meditation sessions which were very much tailored around my needs and objectives. I found it very useful for my personal development and for supporting my client work as a talking therapist” – Joanna

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Sessions take place online or in Plymouth, Devon, U.K.
The online meditations are recorded so that you can use them later.
Payment methods include PayPal and Bank Transfer.


1 session – £50
4 sessions – £190

On receiving your request I shall be in contact via email to arrange our session(s).

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