One To One Sessions

In Plymouth and Online

I offer a supportive, non-judgemental therapeutic space for exploring physical, emotional, mental pain and the ups and downs of life.

Yoga pose

Through a mindful, non-fixing, felt sense approach we allow whatever is there to come up naturally in order for it to heal, unravel and undo itself.


The sessions may help to bring a sense of relief, understanding, freedom and peace.

What Happens At A Session

We start where you are at and work at your pace.

I am happy to listen; I am a good listener…

I’ll meet you in your sadness, your anger, your failure, your grief, your pain, confusion, depression, shame, trauma and even your boredom… I know them all well.

It is about allowing these movements the space to be there and for as long as they require.

Here they are no longer suppressed or avoided; they are safely held and included, and what we discover is that they are not mistakes at all but the doorway to our freedom…

We’ll talk and explore the ideas, thoughts, feelings, blocks, concepts, opposites, should’s, shouldn’ts and what we think we know to discover what is really true.

As our carefully constructed prison starts to disassemble we become freer, happier, more whole, present and response-able in our daily lives.

My Areas Of Expertise

This is not an exhaustive list. If there is something else that you would like to look into please get in touch and we can see if my way of working could help and work for you. 

What Clients Say

“David is fantastic at holding a loving space while allowing you to come to the insights yourself. I’ve explored many different therapies and studied several healing modalities. Although every one of them was relevant at the time, what David offers is so much more and I feel a different person leaving than when I arrived! He listens without judgement and gently guides you through the beliefs that have created your life so far, unpicking them so you can see the truth. It’s hard to put into actual words, but it feels like home when I work with David” – Lisa

“I was searching for a solution to make positive changes to my complex family life; I struggled to communicate with my husband therefore we sought counselling. One of our challenges was making time for our relationship and communication. David asked questions that challenged my opinions and thoughts in a positive way. I now find life less of a struggle and I’m pleased to say my husband and I are making improvements every day” – Kerry

“Working with David has absolutely transformed my life. I have come forward in many ways by releasing old beliefs that were holding me back and by balancing my physical energy” – Caroline

“David is a gentle, loving soul, giving the feeling of a sense of space in his sessions, which enabled me to explore my inner world in a safe and empowering way. This helped me to grow in confidence as my preconceived limiting beliefs fell away; learning to trust in my own inner ability and knowing” – Myca

Work With Me

Each 1 hour session costs £50
Blocks of 4 sessions cost £190

Sessions take place in Plymouth either in a centre or in your home, alternatively online.

On receiving your request I shall be in contact via email to arrange our session(s).