One To One
Inner Work

Two faces signifying one to one therapeutic inner work

A supportive space for exploring your inner and outer world.

Two faces signifying one to one therapeutic inner work

The Aims Of These Sessions Are…

What Are The Benefits?

Better Relationships Including The One With Yourself

Feeling Happier, Healthier And More Peaceful


Relief, Understanding And Healing

Clarity And Resolution To Difficult Situations

Acceptance, Forgiveness And Compassion For Yourself And Others

Increased Self-Awareness And Honesty

What Is Inner Work?

Person standing in the twilight outside deep in contemplation

Inner work is the process of getting to know yourself by turning your attention inwards to meet yourself with kindness and compassion.

Here holds the possibility to befriend those parts of yourself that have become overlooked or forgotten; the opportunity to welcome in your feelings, beliefs, wounds, shadows and enquire into the deepest parts of your being.

It takes strength and courage to move towards these places, to face yourself, know yourself and to accept yourself, warts and all! In doing so you become more whole, aware, real, peaceful and free which positively impacts your daily life and how you show up in the world.

I am here to support you on this journey.

What Is My Approach?

I offer facilitated inner work as a meditation based co-exploration involving body sensing, feeling, contemplating, talking and dialogue.

My approach is simple, grounded, direct, energetic and experiential (rather than intellectual or analytical).

These sessions are not counselling, psychotherapy or therapy.

My Areas Of Expertise

Difficult Emotions


Childhood wounds and conditioning (Inner Child Healing)

Navigating life transitions

Physical pain

Living with awareness

The spiritual awakening process (realising your true nature)

These specialities are based on my training and own lived experience.

This is not an exhaustive list.
If there is something else that you would like to look into please get in touch and we can see if my way of working could help and work for you.

What Clients Say...

David and I have been on our journey together for about a year. I say a journey because he graciously walks beside me as I explore where my emotions are leading. David holds space in a safe and affirming way to allow for deeper inquiry. Our work has resulted in feeling a deeper presence in my life, rooting me in the moment and welcoming all my emotions without attaching a label to them. David’s humility and openness make him a marvellous travel companion.

Within my time I have always felt that David holds a space for me that is very attentive to my needs and requirements. I always feel I am being heard which brings me encouragement and assurance during his guidance. I also enjoy the allowance given for deeper exploration within insight if and when that arises. I can honestly say that looking back this process has been an integral part of my unfolding and arrival to awareness.

I was searching for a solution to make positive changes to my complex family life; I struggled to communicate with my husband therefore we sought guidance. One of our challenges was making time for our relationship and communication. David asked questions that challenged my opinions and thoughts in a positive way. I now find life less of a struggle and I’m pleased to say my husband and I are making improvements every day.

David is fantastic at holding a loving space while allowing you to come to the insights yourself. I’ve explored many different therapies and studied several healing modalities. Although every one of them was relevant at the time, what David offers is so much more and I feel a different person leaving than when I arrived! He listens without judgement and gently guides you through the beliefs that have created your life so far, unpicking them so you can see the truth. It’s hard to put into actual words, but it feels like home when I work with David.

About The Sessions And Getting Started…

Sessions take place at the Yoga Loft in Plymouth, Devon or online.

Each session is 1 hour in duration.

This type of work is most beneficial when engaged in regularly over a period of time.

My pricing operates on a sliding scale with various options to suit your current means.

Number of Sessions
1 Session
4 Sessions

I operate a 24 hour cancellation policy. If a session is cancelled giving less than 24 hours’ notice the full fee will be charged.

To get started let’s arrange an introductory telephone or online call, this is free of charge and lasts up to 30 minutes.

The call is an opportunity to see how it might be to work together and to establish whether we both feel comfortable and confident that I am the right person to support you.

I’ll explain how I work and my approach and you’ll have the space to tell me a little about what you would like to explore and what has brought you to this point.

If we both decide to continue and meet again, we’ll arrange the details of our first session.

Still Not Sure…?

What Has Led You Here?

An emotional woman praying with hands grasped together

Have you reached a point in your life and realised that something REALLY has to change?

Maybe you’ve tried lots of therapies but still feel unfulfilled or like something is not quite right or missing?

Perhaps you are a counsellor, coach or practitioner looking for someone to explore and delve deeper with?

It could be you are curious about Inner Work but don’t know where to start?

These are a few of the many reasons why people embark on a journey of Inner Work…

Thank you for your enquiry,
I will be in touch shortly