A Journey Into Stillness: Meditation, Gong and Sound Bath

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Saturday 28th October 10.00 am – 12.30 pm at The Unitarian Church, Notte Street, Plymouth PL1 2HG

Join Josie (almawellbeing) and David (heretolivelife) for a relaxing and rejuvenating morning as they take you on a meditative gong and sound bath journey into a place of inner peace and stillness.

The sound journey will include the use of the gong, singing bowls, chimes and gentle percussion instruments to help you enter a state of deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

For the Meditation we’ll take a pause from reaching for the next thing, slow down and with a kind and gentle curiosity drop into the silence and stillness that is forever present.

At 12 noon there will be tea and refreshments if you wish to catch up and connect with other like-minded souls.


9.45 am Doors Open
10.00 am Welcome and Introduction
10.15 am Gong and Sound Bath
11.15 am Meditation
12.00 noon Tea and Refreshments

Please note: booking is for the whole morning, the Gong and Sound Bath will flow directly into the Meditation.


You’ll be laying or sitting down, so please bring along whatever you require to be warm, cosy and comfortable (a yoga mat, blanket, cushions, eye mask).
Please wear loose layered clothing and bring a bottle of water or something to drink.


Josie Lay – https://www.instagram.com/alma_wellbeing/

Josie’s approach to healing and wellbeing is one of purity and simplicity. Her main goal in group sound baths and one-to-one sound treatments is to offer a peaceful respite from routine. She carefully creates a calming environment in which the receiver can gently enter a state of deep relaxation. During the session, the sounds and vibrations help ease an overactive mind, relieve stress and anxiety by harmonising the nervous system, and open up a channel for deeper connection and coherence between the body, heart and soul.

Josie’s training initially stemmed from a traditional classical foundation. She pursued her love of music by gaining a bachelor of arts degree in music—but it wasn’t until much later, in response to a traumatic series of events, that she began her research and training in sound as a healing modality. Having naturally gravitated towards music and sound to bring inner harmony and healing to her own challenging situation, she was then inspired to study Sound Therapy and Vibrational Entrainment in order to help others. Always keen to expand her knowledge and skills as a sound facilitator, she is currently undertaking a Gong Practitioner diploma course with The College of Sound Therapy.

David Rees – https://www.heretolivelife.com/

Known for his gentle, grounded and practical ways, David is a transformational speaker, author, meditation teacher and facilitator, offering support to those keen to find peace within themselves and their lives.

He hosts emotional wellbeing workshops, courses, meditation groups, retreats and one to one sessions specialising in difficult emotions, physical pain, relationships, inner child healing and also the subtler aspects of awakening to our true nature.

David has trained extensively in the therapeutic world studying both Eastern and Western traditions. For a number of years he would spend extended periods of time in India and Nepal immersing himself in contemplation and satsang with world renowned teachers.

Through his own lived experience and working with others for more than 30 years David has discovered that the deepest healing is found right here in the very heart of life as we move towards allowing and accepting ourselves to be as we are and life to be as it is.

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