Deepening Into Silence Day Retreat

Join Paul Collins and David Rees on Sunday 12th November in Worthing, West Sussex for a day retreat comprising of Breath Work, Meditation and iRest Yoga Nidra.


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Sunday 12th November 10.30 am – 4.30 pm at Heene Community Centre, 122 Heene Road Worthing, West Sussex BN11 4PL.

Join Paul Collins and David Rees for a day retreat comprising of Breath Work, Meditation and iRest Yoga Nidra as they warmly invite you into the silence.

This silence is not the absence of sound but the very essence of who you really are, your being, your presence, the nature of life itself. So often this silence goes unnoticed and overlooked, covered up by the noise, demands and distractions of life.

Let Paul and David guide you gradually and gently through the layers deep into the alive stillness, joy, peace and beauty that is always and already here.

This silence energises, heals and rejuvenates you, bringing with it a sense of freedom and a solid, stable foundation where you are able to meet the ups and downs of life with more ease and clarity.


BREATH WORK – We will be exploring subtle breathwork to understand and experience the healing power of the breath in order to stay present to what is, to help ride sensations and let go into the awareness of them. The breath can help to regulate a dysregulated nervous system that is in a reactive state which may prevent someone from stopping and being still.

MEDITATION – we’ll take a pause from reaching for the next thing, slow down and gently turn towards ourselves and our experience with a kind curiosity, in doing so we realise the potential to welcome in and embrace everything just as it is…

IREST YOGA NIDRA – Is a trauma sensitive guided meditation practice that helps you to safely feel the body, while also guiding you into the stillness of being beyond the body, feelings, emotions and thoughts.

Throughout the day there will be space for sharing, Q & A and dialoguing.

We’ll have a buffet lunch together, with everyone invited to bring a little something along to share with the group.


Paul Collins

Paul has been studying various spiritual practices and disciplines including breathwork, Yoga and meditation for over 23 years. He toured the world looking for authentic teachers in order to get his own understanding of who we truly are after having some profound spiritual experiences.

His main teaching taps into the non-dual practice of iRest Yoga Nidra which the US military use for healing PTSD. He has taught this in prisons, with military veterans and people in addiction recovery as a way for them to feel free and at peace.

Paul has written a workbook and handbook to accompany an 8-week course he runs online. The practice and courses help us to deepen a connection with an undamaged, unchanging stillness, as well as giving us an understanding and awareness of who we are as a person which keeps us separate from the stillness.

David Rees

Known for his gentle, grounded and practical ways, David is a transformational speaker, author, meditation teacher and facilitator, offering support to those keen to find peace within themselves and their lives.

He hosts emotional wellbeing workshops, courses, meditation groups, retreats and one to one sessions specialising in difficult emotions, physical pain, relationships, inner child healing and also the subtler aspects of awakening to our true nature.

David has trained extensively in the therapeutic world studying both Eastern and Western traditions. For a number of years he would spend extended periods of time in India and Nepal immersing himself in contemplation and satsang with world renowned teachers.

Through his own lived experience and working with others for more than 30 years David has discovered that the deepest healing is found right here in the very heart of life as we move towards allowing and accepting ourselves to be as we are and life to be as it is.

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