Making Friends With Our Emotions Workshop – Online

Discover various simple tools, techniques and strategies to help deal with and make friends with emotions in a safe, gentle, healthy way.

Tuesday 6th February 19.00 – 20.30 GMT Online Via Zoom.


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Tuesday 6th February 19.00 – 20.30 GMT Online Via Zoom


• Through a presented talk I will share various simple, grounded, practical tools, techniques and strategies to help deal with and make friends with emotions in a safe, gentle, healthy way.
• As we explore together you’ll gain a clearer perspective of your relationship with emotions.
• Throughout the workshop there will be space for Q & A and a number of opportunities to try out the techniques.
• The tools and principles offered apply not only to emotions but to anything that challenges us, whether that is physical pain, intrusive thoughts or life situations.
• If you are a counsellor, therapist or healer you may discover some new ways to assist your clients.


“The workshop was considered, thoughtful and thought provoking. David has an intelligent approach to understanding the complexity of our emotions. His warmth, sensitivity, care, and humour guided his explorations and explanations in a way that was easily accessible and provided insights which have proved very helpful. Thank you!” – Gill

“Very interesting, it built on some information known and expanded into a full picture, which has given me techniques that I plan to explore further. I enjoyed the teaching as it presented a full range of possibilities on this subject, i.e. the light and the dark rather than only focusing on the positive!” – Nick

“Great workshop. Very informative with useful tools to take away. I enjoyed the relaxing and calm presentation. Felt very safe” – Sue

“Some really good resonance and learning for me today. Very interesting and informative – I feel that I need to practice on my own to remember and experience this more. I have more compassion right now” – Kiran


The approach is one of slowing down, becoming aware of your relationship with the emotion, softening around and feeling it in the body then peacefully integrating what is found.

This entire process is within the framework of non-fixing.

The foundations and principles are based on Mindfulness, Parts Work, the Non-Dual teachings of the East and my own lived experience.


The cost is £15.


If after reading the full description you feel that the event could be potentially triggering, overwhelming or destabilising, or if you have psychiatric conditions, mental illness or strong emotional challenges that you feel may be exacerbated by such an experiential and introspective event, or are not sure that you have the self-regulation tools and capabilities in place, then we advise you not to book.

Bookings are non-transferable and the fees are non-refundable.

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