Meditation and Deeper Conversations Online Session

Join the ‘Meditation and Deeper Conversations’ Online Group that happens on 1st Wednesday of each month 19.00 – 20.00 GMT via Zoom.



1st Wednesday of each month 19.00 – 20.00 GMT Online via Zoom


Meditation, contemplation, conversation and dialogue are the vehicles as we explore the deeper aspects of ourselves, life and the very nature of reality.

We take a pause from reaching for the next thing, slow down and gently turn towards ourselves and our experience with a kind curiosity.

In doing so we realise the potential to welcome in and embrace everything just as it is; comfortable or uncomfortable, our tender parts and our shadows, along the way lovingly questioning our assumptions and beliefs and taking a peek into places we may have not looked before.

There’s no fixing or healing, no complicated or fancy techniques, no transcending or trying to get to some other place than where you are!

As we enter into the sacred heart of Eastern meditation, non-duality, self-enquiry and mindfulness we get to taste the stillness, peace, beauty and freedom that is always and already.

There is much talk of oneness, consciousness, presence, enlightenment, awakening, our true nature, the present moment, being with what is… but what does all that really mean and look like beyond the ideas and concepts?
These are some of the themes for our shared exploration.

The real deeper conversation is the one with ourselves…