Shall We Dance?

A relationship is like a dance.

As each opens their tender heart to the other the dance becomes more and more intimate gradually becoming entwined as one.

Sometimes the dance is seamless and in unison,
Often it is clumsy,
Sometimes both partners may disappear within the dance itself,
Sometimes it can be a war dance!

On occasions one partner may take two steps forward, the other two steps back.
Sometimes both step back.

Each will take their turn as the lead.
And there may be times when one holds the other very tightly so that their partner doesn’t fall.

You see this dance has no fixed routine perhaps other than the first step, which is to abandon any ideas of what should happen next.

It is spontaneous, vulnerable, rich and beautiful even in its failures and there is this commitment to the dance for as long as the music plays and no-one really knows how long that shall be…

This is the dance of love.

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