Soul Plan

Soul Plan is a life guidance tool based on the names that we use.

It can really help with understanding ourselves, our past, our lives, our purpose, highest potential and as the name suggests our SOUL’S PLAN!

A Soul Plan Reading provides an opportunity for healing and clarity, bringing various insights to the forefront as we chat about your life, helping you discover that all the answers you’re looking for are inside of you!

Soul Plan Readings and Practitioner Training Courses are available online and in Devon, U.K.

"Say Yes to a Soul Plan Reading with David; you will become MORE: more multifaceted, more aware, more present, more grateful, more humorous and MORE YOU!" - Dawn

Reconnect with your true life purpose - Devon, U.K. - Online via Zoom

Soul Plan Reading

An in-depth 1.5 hour reading. Discover your Soul's Plan as we talk through your challenges, talents, goals and Soul Destiny.

Soul Plan Practitioner Courses - Plymouth - Devon - U.K. - South West - Online - Zoom

Soul Plan Reading Practitioner Courses

3 day certified courses covering everything you need to offer professional Soul Plan Readings using the birth name.



Telephone: 07487 554724

Sessions Take Place: Online or in Plymouth, Devon, U.K.